Light Guides

Light guide/pipe is deployed in applications requiring customized lighting features or backlight solutions for keypads and displays.

Made of either acrylic or polycarbonate, light guide/ pipe is the perfect solution for channeling light down a clear plastic from the source to the destination and offers cost savings in energy consumption. Suitable even in systems where lighting needs to be routed around existing components, it is designed to enable inward reflection of light as it moves throughout the entire area of the design, resulting in a uniformly lit appearance.

The performance of a light guide/pipe is dependent on the efficient application of Total Internal Reflection (TIR). At Unisteel, we offer optical design support to optimize light transmission efficiency. Using the best optical grade of acrylic or polycarbonate plastic for maximum clarity, combined with best-in-class in-house tooling process, you can trust Unisteel to deliver lightguide / pipe solutions of exceptional performance.