Lenses for LED Illumination

Unisteel offers a variety of customized lenses to suit customers’ optical applications and requirements. From flash lenses in mobile phones to LED lighting solutions in automotives, all our lenses are fully developed in-house, to exacting customers’ specifications and requirements.




Fresnel Lens

With its thin and lightweight design, Fresnel lens is suitable for compact modules, and unlike the conventional spherical lens, it has a flat plane with short focal length and large aperture; making Fresnel lens the ideal candidate for flash lens applications. Depending on customers’ requirements, Unisteel offers Fresnel lens in single, duo and racetrack configurations.

Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Lens

TIR lens ensures uniform brightness with no risk of light scattering by collimating the light from the source and sending a concentrated beam of light out in the same direction. Unlike traditional reflectors, which use reflective coatings, TIR has the potential to reach 100% reflectivity.  The key advantage of TIR lens lies in its high efficiency in light collection and delivery. If space is not a critical factor, TIR provides an ideal alternative for flash lens applications.

Aspheric Lens

Ideal for use in imaging and non-imaging optical systems, aspheric lens has a special non-spherical surface to converge central and peripheral light rays at a single focal point perfectly. Small and lightweight, coupled with its ability to correct spherical aberration and other optical aberrations makes aspheric lens an ideal replacement for a complex multi-lens system.

Free Form Lens

Ideal for use in customized illumination application, free form lens has a free form surface that has non-symmetrical geometry which not only enables the projection of non-conventional illumination but also provides a better solution than multi-component classic lens systems in focusing LED light with very low losses.

Conventional Spherical Lens

One of the most common lenses used in optical systems design, spherical lens is made with a particular radius of curvature, either on one or both surfaces. Depending on the desired flash patterns, spherical lens is available in plano-convex, bi-convex, meniscus, plano-concave and bi-concave cuts.