Self-tapping Screws

Unisteel offers a wide array of thread forming fasteners that caters to a diverse span of industries including mobile devices, automotives and industrial products. Through innovation and close collaboration with customers, Unisteel has engineered a number of proprietary fastening solutions that are designed to meet the challenges of today’s evolving market trends. Together with our inclusive range of licensed fasteners, Unisteel offers quality made thread forming screws that help end users simplify assembly operations and reduce costs.

  • Key Products +

    For use in aluminium and
    zinc alloy materials.

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    For use in magnesium alloys and other ductile materials.
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    For use in thermoplastic materials.
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    tn Remform IIREMFORM® IITM
    For use in plastics and light alloy materials.
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    TAPTITE 2000®
    For use in metals.
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  • Symbol Definition +

    The following symbols used in this section are intended only as a guide, and may not correspond with international standards.


    Fastener Dimensions
    d1   Major / Nominal Diameter

    d2   Minor Diameter

    P   Thread Pitch

    X    Thread Runout


    Recess Dimensions
    A(M)   TORX PLUS® Width (JCIS)

    Q        Penetration Depth

    T        Recess Depth


    Recommended Pilot Hole Size
    Dp    Pilot Hole Size

    Ch    Counter Bore Depth

    Cd    Counter Bore Diameter

    Bh    Boss Height

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