Machine Screws

Machine screws are used in a wide range of applications including mobile devices, data storage devices and industrial equipment. Unisteel can support a comprehensive range of materials, drive systems, head styles and screw points; offering customized machine screw solutions to meet customers’ design and performance requirements.

Material : Carbon steel, stainless steel, UNITRONIC®, CAMTRONIC®, titanium, aluminium, plastic and brass
Head Type : Available in any head style
Point Type : Available in any point type
Recess : TORX®, TORX PLUS®, MICROSTIX®, & JCIS Cross. Other recesses are available upon request.
Size Range : S0.8 - M10.0
Length : 0.7mm - 75.0mm

In today’s evolving market trends, Unisteel also offers several variants of machine screws, on top of the standard range.

Type Description

Thumb Screw

Comes with either a tall head and ridged or knurled sides, or a flat, vertical head. Often forged with a cross or slotted recess, it is intended to be tightened and loosened only by hand.

 SEMS Screw

Comes with a pre-assembled free-spinning lock washer.

 Set Screw

A small headless machine screw. It typically has a point at one end and a recessed hexagonal socket or a slot at the other end. It is used to hold a knob or gear on a shaft.